Benefits Of Using FSD For Your Fire Detection System Installation

Without a fire detection system installed on your premises, you don’t stand a chance against a fire. While it’s advised that you invest in a complete fire protection solution, having a fire detection system is a start and can benefit you greatly.

If a fire were to break out, your fire detection system will sound an alarm and let you know that smoke is detected. In which case you can put in an effort to extinguish the fire before it starts to spread. This will decrease the likelihood of a complete burnout

FSD is a fire and security distributor located in South Africa. While they are based in Cape Town, their services aren’t limited to Cape Town or South Africa, they cover the whole of sub-Saharan Africa as well.

Benefits of hiring FSD for your fire detection system installation

  1. Experience

While FSD only opened its doors in 2011, the team has more than 30 years experience in the industry. When it comes to fire, you’ll want to hire experts to ensure complete protection of your business and staff.


  1. Innovative, high-quality products

FSD offers the latest in fire protection technology. They pride themselves on staying up to date with current trends as well as offering high-quality products.


  1. Service Excellence

If you’re looking for a company with excellent after sales services, FSD is the company you need to hire. Unlike other suppliers, they keep high stock levels to ensure your order is delivered as quick as possible. What’s more is that they offer product training courses to ensure you know are thoroughly educated on fire protection.

Every customer is unique and will be treated as such. Don’t waste time, get in touch with FSD to install your fire detection system solution, fast and hassle-free.