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Aspirating smoke detectors

Aspirating Smoke Detectors Early Fire Detection Warehouses Aspirating smoke detectors are among the most precise and most reliable early warning systems against fires.Securiton offers a complete range of models that makes the lighting-fast detection both scalable and cost-effective for any monitoring area.The Securiton ASD smoke detector series impresses by its unrivalled capabilities, the detectors are […]

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Aerosol Suppression System

There are 2 types of Aerosols we supply, namely FSD S-Type Wall mounted and Floor: FSD S-TYPE WALL MOUNT AEROSOL GENERATORS Compact and easy to install,maximime coverage 30 m3 per unit. 3 activation method – Electric thermal bulb and thermal cord.   FSD S-TYPE FLOOR STANDING AEROSOL GENERATORS Floor standing aerosols are mainly used for […]

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Envirograf_Electrical Cable Coating

New Launch Offer: Envirograf 80 / EPC Intumescent Coating

We are proud to announce the South African release of our Envirograf 80/EPC Intumescent Coating for electrical cables. The Envirograf 80/EPC coating has been tested to and certified under the BS476 Part 20 standard and has achieved 181 minutes fire integrity rating / 154 minutes fire insulation rating as well as 97 minutes electrical operational integrity […]

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Special: Securiton ASD531 and ASD532

Securiton have recently launched their new ASD531 and ASD532 aspirating detection systems aimed specifically at application where the current ASD535 is considered too large and can be costly. The addition of the ASD531 and ASD532 models allows FSD to offer the same reliability as the ASD535 at an excellent price point while still having all […]

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Acrylic Mastic Fire Sealant

FSD is running a special on the Nullifire FS701 , 4 hour fire rated, acrylic mastic sealant. FS701 can be used for linear gap sealing of up to 50 mm and is highly effective when used in conjunction with Nullifire FB747 Intumescent Coated Batt Board for penetration seals. See more information about the product here.

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FSD supply aerosol fire suppression system for Arcus Gibb

In December 2014 FSD received the order to supply a complete fire suppression system for the high value server room at the ‘Arcus Gibb’ offices on Kloof Street in Cape Town. The customized solution provided by FSD included the Ziton ZP1 X3 extinguishing control panel, Ziton heat and smoke detectors, sirens and beacons as well […]

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