Cummins Distribution Centre Steel Intumescent System

Cummins Image

At the recently constructed 22, 280m2 Cummins Southern Africa Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant protection of the sites structural steel was of utmost importance and FSD were approached to provide the intumescent coating system for this steel work.

All the steel work requiring protection was housed internally and FSD therefore proposed the use of Nullifire S707 intumescent coating for structural steel. The S707 system is designed for internal structural steel requiring 60 or 90 minute fire protection ratings.

All structural beams and columns supporting the main mezzanine structure were coated to the calculated and required DFT’s (dry film thickness) with the S707-60 coating to achieve the specified 60 minute fire rating. Professional airless spray application was done by Active Fire Projects’ based out of Gauteng.

FSD supply a complete range of passive firestopping products including intumescent coatings for steel and timber, fire rated mastic sealant and intumescent sealants, 2 hour fire rated mineral fibre batt board pre-coated with intumescent sealant, pipe wraps, pipe collars and much more.


Cummins Distribution Centre Steel Intumescent