Don’t learn about the importance of fire protection for commercial buildings after the fact!

The last thing you want to do is to learn about the importance of fire protection in your commercial or industrial building after the fact!  It is an expensive lesson that could result in injury or loss of life for occupants of the building, and the complete destruction of your property, or, at the very least, significant damage to equipment and assets within the building.

Health and Safety regulations are strictly enforced today, and this includes everything from ensuring that workers wear the appropriate protective gear according to their job descriptions, to installing effective fire protection systems.

This is a legal requirement all building owners and managers need to comply with in order to avoid serious repercussions such as expensive fines and even the closure of your building until it is deemed up to fire safety standards.

Fire safety inspections have increased rapidly in recent years in South Africa, and with good reason!  We seem to have lagged somewhat behind the rest of the world in terms of enforcing and following health and safety regulations, especially where it comes to fire safety, and we are now being forced to toe the line.

Today, new building regulations also include effective fire protection, whether it is in the form of intumescent steel coating on the structure of the building itself or on wood and electrical cabling. In any event, no building can be sold or rented out without a fire safety Certificate of Compliance (COC), which makes getting in on the ground level of active and passive fire protection well worth it.

No building owner wants to face the criminal charges that can arise out of any loss of life or injuries caused to occupants in case of a fire, and most can definitely not afford to deal with insurance that is not paid out due to sub-standard fire protection equipment in place.

Technology has seen the emergence and growth of state of the art active and passive fire protection systems, making the planning and installation of effective fire protection in commercial buildings a lot easier without causing major disruptions to the day to day running of any business.

FSD Fire and Security is one of the largest distributors of active and passive fire protection systems north and south of the Equator, maintaining high levels of stock for clients who rely on this team to deliver service excellence and an unrivalled level of technical support as far afield as Togo, Zambia, Namibia and across to Mauritius.

UTC Ziton products, Nullifire and Securiton fire protection systems all form part of the impressive range of cutting-edge technology designed to offer the highest level of fire safety for any size commercial or industrial business.

The scale of what the team at FSD is able to achieve in terms of active and passive fire protection systems is visible in the various case studies to be found on their website. Judging by a long list of high profile customers in and around South Africa, this is one team of highly trained experts you can rely on completely to protect your commercial building inside out!

FSD offers more than just the best in active and passive fire protection and suppression systems, they also make sure that customers are given the support of training in terms of using these systems effectively, which are all the ingredients that make FSD the number one supplier of fire and security systems in Africa!