Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to fire protection in your commercial building!

The ability to pretty accurately forecast hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other devastating weather-related conditions have become easier as technology has grown, however, fires cannot be predicted, they can only be prepared for, slowed down or extinguished, but there is never any warning.

The technology to offer early warning fire detection systems, combined with passive fire protection wherever possible in any building has also advanced rapidly, giving commercial building owners and business owners the security of knowing that should a fire start, the fire protection measures in place will be effective enough to save lives and property.

Taking a ‘cheap’ route to fire protection is as good as throwing your money, and possibly your business, out of the window – without effective fire detection and protection systems in place, the price you pay should a fire break out in your building will completely surpass what it would have cost to have the best in place to start with!

Smaller buildings require less complicated fire protection systems than a highly populated, large building, but the principle remains the same; having effective active and passive fire protection in place is an investment well worth making in saving lives, assets and buildings.

FSD Fire and Security offers only the highest quality in active and passive fire protection products and systems in South Africa, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, Botswana and Mauritius, maintaining its position as a market leader in the fire and security industry year after year since 2011.

Strong ties have been forged with customers who have relied on the fast and efficient service offered by the friendly team at FSD for many years, trusting that this team can be relied on to deliver at all times, which is made possible by the consistently high levels of stock always available.

The whole premise behind fire protection for commercial buildings is to do everything possible to detect where a fire has started, use appropriate systems to slow or compartmentalise a fire, in order to limit the powerful force of nature that fire is if left to spread.

If your commercial building was constructed before the advent of intumescent steel coatings, electrical cable coatings and intumescent wood paint or coating, there is still a lot that can be done to limit the ability of any fire to burn hot enough to weaken the steel structure itself.

Once FSD has established which active and passive fire systems would work according to the specifications of a commercial building, the team will create a cost-effective, tailor-made system to ensure that you are as prepared for a fire as possible.

Active fire protection from FSD, which includes Ziton, Nullifire and Securiton systems, includes fire detection and fire suppression products, while passive fire protection covers containment systems like fire curtains, fire stopping products and intumescent coatings, which are the systems that slow down and compartmentalise fires.

Fire safety is as valuable an investment as the investment put into your commercial building or premises, but to cover yourself with the most effective fire detection, suppression and fire stopping systems, you are going to need guidance from professionals like the team at FSD.

Should the day ever arrive that your building is threatened by fire, you will not regret having gone to bat to ensure that fire safety has been a priority from day one!