Where to find the best in active & passive fire detection & suppression products in South Africa.

When you want to make sure that you have the best in cutting-edge active and passive fire protection products in Southern Africa, FSD Fire and Security Distributors should be your first port of call.

What makes FSD the team to call?

  • Expert Advice

The team at FSD has a combined 30 years’ worth of experience to put at your disposal, ensuring that the tailored fire protection solutions offered will meet with all your requirements.

Established in Cape Town in 2011, FSD takes all this knowledge and experience and shares it with customers throughout South Africa.

Top names in the industry rely on FSD to supply them with the best active and passive fire protection products, with some of these relationships going all the way back to when FSD first opened their doors.

This expert advice reaches customers far into Sub-Saharan Africa such as Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius and more – no border is too far for this team to cross in search of excellence where it comes to fire protection.

  • Product Innovation

FSD remains on the cutting edge of fire protection, supplying only the best in products that have been tried and tested with great success out in the field, under varying conditions and circumstances.

FSD is proud to be the sole distribution agent for Nullifire passive fire-stopping and intumescent products in Southern Africa, and are also the single largest official distributor of UTC AFP (Active Fire Protection) products such as Ziton panels.

Envirograf fire protection products stand shoulder to shoulder with FSD Aerosol Fire Suppression products as well – you name it, FSD will supply it!

  • Product Support

Once you have become a member of the FSD family, you can rely on unrivalled technical support, no matter where you are!  This team knows exactly how to come to the party to ensure that you are never left floundering in the dark in terms of the technicalities of active and passive fire protection products.

  • Product Training

FSD is passionate about ensuring that customers understand the intricacies of the active and passive fire protection products and solutions they will be using, and to meet this need, this highly experienced team offers product training courses at their Training Centre.

FSD is currently in the process of putting together specialised training modules that can accessed outside of their main centres. This is all in an effort to ensure that anyone supplied by FSD understands how to use the products effectively.

  • Fast Friendly Service

When FSD promises fast, efficient and friendly service, they mean it!  FSD maintains high stock levels in order to back this promise up, making sure that as soon as a customer has placed an order, the products will already be on their way in minutes, no matter how far away the customer is!

The team at FSD is passionate about educating and improving on the knowledge base of those most involved with the use of active and passive fire protection, in order to protect lives and property, especially in commercial and industrial sectors.

Contact FSD if this is the level of service you believe will ramp up fire protection in your building, they will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.