Fire suppression products from FSD work quickly & efficiently to stop fire in its tracks.

Fire suppression products are automatic systems that are activated within seconds to extinguish fires as soon as they are detected, mostly made up of aerosol powders able to suppress fires in cabinets, rooms and in industrial kitchens.

Fire suppression products distributed by FSD Fire and Security include:

  • In-Cabinet Aerosol Fire Suppression Generators;

FSD’s Aerosol fire suppression units range in size from 0.3m3 coverage to 130m3 coverage, units that are activated by either a fire control panel or temperature rated ThermoBulb.  It’s interesting to see it in action in a demo video made by FSD, in which you can see that it takes only 12 seconds from ignition to complete suppression of a fire in a cabinet!

  • Rapid Response Fire Suppression Tool;

This FSD suppression product is a hand held fire suppression product that can be activated from outside a room on fire, using a safety release pin that allows 8 seconds breathing time before first responders are able to get it into the room for total flooding if necessary.  The Rapid Response Fire Suppression Tool is based on using environmentally friendly SFE powdered technology.

  • Aerosol Fire Suppression Generators;

These FSD aerosol suppression generators are used for automatic room flooding and are very compact to install, requiring minimum pipework or external storage.  As with all FSD aerosol fire suppression products, these suppression generators are environmentally friendly, safe for humans and have been internationally approved.

  • Hood Extinguishing System;

Industrial kitchens are always at high risk for fires, making it essential to install an automatic cooking area and hood extinguishing system in place.  The FSD Hood Extinguishing System is one of the most cost effective, easily maintained systems available in the fire and security industry for industrial kitchens, able to detect fires and trigger the system automatically in order to instantly stop the spread of fire.

It is important to make sure that on top of fire suppression systems, you have other active and passive fire protection systems in place in a commercial or industrial building, planned and laid out according to building codes and applications.

FSD has a team able and willing to share expert knowledge with you about top products such as Ziton panels, Securiton and Nullifire products, all of which represent the very latest in fire protection for commercial buildings.

Effective fire protection starts with early warning systems such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, sounder beacons and fire control panels, which then relay the presence of fire to automatic fire suppression and fire stopping systems.

Making sure that FSD customers are trained in the use of any active and passive fire protection systems is as much a priority for this team as it is to deliver the best in fire protection systems in Southern Africa.

Don’t take it for granted that you may never have to deal with a fire in your building, put fire protection at the top of your list by contacting FSD today to find out more about what it takes to protect your business well into the future against the unknown and unpredictable nature of fire!