FSD Can Help You Protect Your Business Against Fire With Active And Passive Fire Protection Solutions

The damage that can be done by a fire is incomprehensible. There is nothing that can ruin your business financially like a fire. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you avoid it at all costs.

While you’ll never be able to completely prevent a fire from occurring, there are some precautions you can take to minimise the possibility – active and passive fire protection.

What is active and passive fire protection?

Active Fire Protection

Fire protection systems that require action to work efficiently if a fire were to break out. An example of this is a fire extinguisher or a sprinkler. Should there be a fire detected, a smoke alarm will alert everyone inside the building put out the fire until firefighters arrive.

Passive Fire Protection

These are a group of systems that sectionalize a building with fire-resistance walls, floors and fire doors to keep the fire contained in a specific section. This will prevent the fire from spreading too quickly and provide employees with enough time to evacuate the building. Dampers may be used in ducts to limit the smoke or fire from spreading in the ductwork system.

Getting guidance from a fire safety professional might be the best decision you make for your business. Choosing FSD for the project – even better!

FSD opened its doors in Cape Town in 2011. With more than 30 years experience in the fire safety industry, FSD uses only the best products and equipment to ensure their client’s safety. Every project is different and treated accordingly. Ongoing training and client support is crucial and thus part of the package.

If you are interested in active and passive fire protection solutions for your business, get in touch with FSD. A consultant will come out to your premises and do a thorough inspection to provide you with a quote. Don’t take the risk of losing everything, give them a call today!