Introducing Securiton’s New Product Range

FSD introduces 3 new Securiton products to it’s offering.

SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector

Securiton ASD 535

  • Operates at a temperature as low as – 30 °C – ASD unit is installed inside deep-freeze area
  • Pipe length of up to 2 x 300 m
  • One of the most powerful and robust aspirating fans on the market

SecuriSens LIST linear heat detector

Ssecurisens LIST

SecuriFire premium fire alarm system


  • Up to 16 loops per panel
  • Hardware and software-redundant system
  • Networkable, TCP / IP interface

Securiton AG, Alarm and Security Systems,
A company of the Swiss Securitas Group
Products are made in Germany