What is intumescent coating & how is it used as passive fire protection in commercial & industrial structures?

Fire protection intumescent coatings supplied by FSD cover structural steel coating, timber coating, wood intumescent paint and electrical cable coatings from Envirograf® and Nullifire, both of which are used internationally for fire stopping and fire protection.

This is by far not all that the team at FSD has on offer in terms of active and passive fire protection, however, let’s stick to the subject of what fire stopping intumescent coating really is and how it works to contain the spread of fires in commercial and industrial buildings.

If we start at the construction phase of a building and the steel being used, internal and external, FSD is able to offer expert advice and loading calculations for a range of steel profiles on individual projects. The team also provides experienced application training for clients and their crews in the use of Nullifire intumescent structural steel coating, when required.

FSD offers guidance on what is required by the SANS 10400 Act, and how to ensure that the design and construction also complies with SANS and the Fire Protection Act; there is no doubt that legislation is only going to get tougher as a concerted effort to minimise the spread of devastating fires.

Electrical cables of course play an essential role in the start and spreading of fires, which means that a product like Envirograf® Product 110 Firoblok® sleeves is a must; electrical cables erode due to the close contact they have with materials such as plaster, cement and cement blocks, but with a product like this, electrical cables are given vital protection.

These flexible intumescent sleeves not only provide protection against erosion, the also absorb heat from fire and prevents armoured cables from overheating.  The team at FSD will more than happily advise share their combined experience of 25 years to offer the best fire protection for electrical cables!

Of course wood is a great conduit for fire if untreated, when wood goes up in flames, the spread is so fast that little can be done other than to mop up the damage done, and start all over again!  This is where Envirograf® wood intumescent paint is able to offer a flame spread rate of up to 60 minutes with timber, and its effectiveness has been tested with great success in the field.

Envirograf® wood intumescent paint is perfect for any upgrades you’d like to do and also does the job on timber and other wood-related surfaces splendidly!  The next level in clear intumescent coatings for timber fire protection is Envirograf HW01 white and HW02E clear intumescent coatings, a range the team at FSD is proud to be associated, as sole import and distribution agents for Envirograf passive fire protection products!

What makes intumescent coatings the right choice in these areas is the fact that they effectively create an insulating coating, which protects other materials in the surrounding areas from the heat of fire by charring and swelling to protect the electrical cables in the event of a fire.

If you’re not sure about which intumescent coating will suit your purposes, you are always welcome to pick the brains and tug at the experience the friendly team at FSD has to offer!