Invest in innovative, cutting-edge fire protection for the future of your commercial buildings.

Investing in quality fire equipment and fire protection products is one of the greatest decisions any commercial building owner can make towards protecting their property in the event of a fire.

Putting everything in place that’ll stop fire in its tracks, before it becomes a blazing inferno, will save you from a day you may have to watch your building go up in smoke.

The potential loss of life isn’t worth it, but it’s a reality that must be prepared for if you’re prepared to put lives before profit.  If a commercial property burns right through to the structure, you could be looking at the end of your business!

Safety and security is a must if you are to avoid loss of life and assets in any commercial building.

The construction stage of a building is plays a particularly important role in fire protection. This is why Fire and Security Distributors (FSD) has maintained a high level of commitment to providing the best active and passive fire products for commercial construction in South Africa.

Ignore fire safety at your own peril:

Fire safety regulations are not to be scoffed at. Ensuring that you have the right balance of fire protection, detection and suppression systems in place will keep you from a host of problems when fire inspectors pay your building a visit.

You could face massive fines or closure of your building until these fire protection systems meet with fire safety regulations, a cost no business can afford, especially in the current economic climate.

Should you own an apartment building, occupants will have to be moved to other premises temporarily until fire safety codes are met, which will also be a major financial loss to you.

Where does Active and Passive fire for commercial construction begin?

In the construction phase of commercial buildings, residential buildings and factories, the structure itself needs to be well-protected from fire.  What this does is to ensure that the entire structure of your building doesn’t come crumbling down.

Because steel is the preferred choice in construction for the integrity of any large structure bearing a lot of weight, the steel itself needs to be treated with products that will slow down the burn rate.

Treating the steel structure of any building begins with the right application of steel intumescent coatings, a perfect example of Passive Fire Protection (PFP).

PFP remains dormant and unseen until fire is detected, which is when a product like Nullifire Structural Steel comes to life and does the job of slowing down the burn rate of any fire, offering a window of time in which fire suppression products, or the fire department, is able to extinguish the fire.

Active Fire Protection (AFP) is the next step in the construction of any commercial building. Electrical cables, doors, floors and pipes should all be protected by the appropriate intumescent paint or coating.

Start with the best in Active and Passive Fire Protection:

Cover all your bases with the assistance and guidance from the best fire protection and fire products supplier South Africa!

FSD is able to fulfil all your requirements in the commercial and industrial sector, ensuring that should fire break out, you’ll be ready to take effective control of it.