Pinelands Grove Retirement Home – Firestopping

In November 2015 FSD delivered a range of passive firestopping products for the ‘Pinelands Grove Retirement Home located in Pinelands, Cape Town. FSD was contacted by ‘N.W.E. Consulting Engineers’ earlier in 2015 to assist with the specification for 120 minute fireproofing of all site penetrations including above fire door penetrations, single pipe and bunched cable penetrations through fire walls and floors and top of wall linear gap sealing to prevent the ingress of fire and smoke into the emergency escape passageways. For the 120 minute fire rated linear gap sealing FSD supplied the Nullifire FS701 fire rated mastic sealant with an allowable movement ratio of 15% and a maximum fire rating of up to 4 hours.

Pinelands Grove_2The 120 minute penetrations were fire sealed with a combination of Nullifire FB747 coated batt board and FS701 fire rated mastic sealant. Single 50mm and 110mm PVC pipe penetrations were fire rated with the installation of FP300 Pipe Wraps for wall penetrations and FP150 Pipe Collars for floor penetrations. The FP150 Pipe Collars were installed to the underside of the floors as per the installation instructions and recommendations. Large floor penetrations in the service shaft were also 120 minute fire sealed with FB747 batt boards and FS701 mastic sealant.
FSD supply a complete range of passive firestopping products including intumescent coatings for steel and timber, fire rated mastic sealant and intumescent sealants, 2 hour fire rated mineral fibre batt board pre-coated with intumescent sealant, pipe wraps, pipe collars and much more.