PPR Somerset West Head Office Steel Intumescent

PPR SOMERSET WEST HEAD OFFICE STEEL INTUMESCENTFSD recently completed the supply, applications training and application inspection for the steel intumescent coating work done at the newly constructed PPR Head Offices in Somerset West, Cape Town. We were approached to supply a 90 minute fire rated intumescent coating for all internal structural steel and the Nullifire S707-90 intumescent paint was supplied.

Nullifire S707-90 intumescent paintAn estimated 240m² of structural I-Beams and Columns were coated to the required DFT’s as calculated with the Steelcalc’ program. FSD supplies a complete range of passive firestopping products including intumescent coatings for steel and timber, fire rated mastic sealant and intumescent sealants, 2 hour fire rated mineral fibre batt board pre-coated with intumescent sealant, pipe wraps, pipe collars and much more.