Electrical Cable Coating

Fire Protection Coating for PVC Electrical Cables

Envirograf® Product 80
A white odourless coating applied by brush or spray and available in 1 litre, 21⁄2 litre, and 5 litre tubs (larger quantities available). Each litre covers approximately 1m2 of bunched cables or approximately 20m of 25mm diameter cable. If required, the coating can be coloured.

Envirograf cable coating

Envirograf® Product 110 Firoblok® sleeves are designed to protect cables passing through fire-rated ceilings, floors, or walls made from block, brick, or concrete, and hollow plasterboard floors and walls. They are flexible and give protection from corrosion caused by close contact with cement, cement blocks, plaster, and other corrosive building materials. A silver-coloured reinforced covering contains the intumescent material which expands and protects the cables. They also absorb heat from fire and help prevent armoured cables from overheating. The sleeves are supplied in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, or 500mm lengths. They can be easily cut with a sharp knife and they should be installed level with the surrounding ceiling, floor, or wall. In the case of a fire, the intumescent surrounding ceiling or wall.

Envirograf 80_EPC cable coating brochure

FSD Product 80 VOC confirmation letterEnvirograf 80_EPC