Envirograf Wood Intumescent Paint

Intumescent Paint for timber, white and clear with a flame spread rate of up to 60 minutes. The HW01 System offers a white and HW02E system offers a clear coloured fireproof coating, for upgrading new and already coated timber and wood related surfaces.
Envirograf have had many fire test done on the HW range to achive 30 an 60 minutes frie protection from old raised and fielded doors, ledged and braced doors, wall panelling and 3mx4m soft wood.
A floor test at Chiltern Fire test no. IF98078 with integrity, insulation and load bearing went for 58 minutes 40 seconds with 2 coats HW02E at 12m2 per litre per coat. With 3 coats at 8m2 per litre per coat it would have achieved 60minutes plus.

intumescent paint application