Hood Extinguishing System

For All Your Industrial Kitchens

  • Fast Detection

  • LPCB Certified

  • Extended Coverage

  • Competitive




The nozzles provides wider protection area and lowest flow points against other brands. The plenum nozzles (A) protection area is 3 m x 1,2m with Defender but it is 2,4 m x 0,5m in other systems. The duct and hood nozzles flow point is 1 m but it is 2 m in the other systems.

The cooking appliance nozzle flow point is 1 m but it is 2 m in the other systems.

As a result:

  1. Defender offers low labour and piping cost due to wider nozzle protection area.
  2. Defender offers competitive solution with small sized cylinders after low flow points.


  1. The maintenance is easy.

Defender can be checked easily by a gauge (green zone).

The other system can be check by a special equipment like sensitive scales.

  1. The filling cost is low.

Defender can be pressurized with nitrogen without any cylinder after each discharge.

The other systems need an additional pressurized nitrogen cylinder after each discharge. Defender is tested according to LPCB 1223, UL300 and ISO15371.


  1. The fusible links detect fire and trigger the system automatically
  2. The manual activation unit trigger the system manually
  3. The activation mechanism shut off electric, gas and fans
  4. The activation mechanism trigger the system automatically or manually
  5. FE wet chemical extinguishing is in pressurized cylinder and released in to pipe after triggering system
  6. FE wet chemical extinguishing is released on fire through nozzles and extinguish the fire