Mineral Fibre Batt Board

As sole import and distribution agents for the Nullifire passive fire-stopping product range FSD stock and supply Nullifire FB747 fire batt, FP150 pipe collars, FP300 pipe wrap and FS701 fire rated acrylic mastic, among other passive products.

Nullifire FB747 is a pre-cut, 2 hour fire rated batt board coated either side with Nullifire fire rated acrylic coating. Typical application for FB747 is penetration sealing where holes in floor or walls must be sealed and fire rated in order for the room compartmentalization to be correct and acceptable to local fire authorities.

Nullifire FB747 batt is supplied in 1.2m x 0.6m x 50mm thick boards and the number of boards required to achieve a specific fire rating is dependent on the fire rating required and the installation orientation. Contact us for technical advice and assistance.

FB747_Product Information FB747-Safety Data Sheet  FB747-50__Declaration of Performance

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