Protect Your Business from Going up in Flames by Avoiding These Fire Hazards

It is vital for business owners to install the necessary fire suppressant and prevention system to protect their business and employees. But even the best system will mean nothing if you don’t educate your staff on how to prevent a fire, let alone what to do should one break out.


Below are three elements that might lead to an accidental fire if ignored.


  1. Clutter

Not only is clutter a cause for anxiety but these items can feed a fire that breaks out in your office. Papers and folders need to be disposed of if they aren’t being used.


During a fire, the biggest hurdle your employees will face is to escape to safety. The last thing they should be dealing with is clutter getting in their way. The best way to avoid clutter is to encourage staff to pick up after themselves. Additionally, being more alert for potential fire hazards such as loose outlets or exposed wires will go a long way.


  1. Electrical Issues

Plugs, electrical equipment and wiring are all fire hazards. Overloading an outlet or using old surge protectors is a surefire way to start a fire. Switch off electronics, not in use and make sure all the wiring is in working condition.


  1. Human Error

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s human nature. The problem is that these mistakes can often start a fire and lead to the complete destruction of your business. Burning something in the microwave, leaving the stove on in the break room or smoking where you aren’t supposed to are mistakes that happen often but should be avoided as far as possible.


When employees are more aware of fire hazards, they will do more to prevent a fire from starting. For more tips on fire prevention as well as industrial fire and safety services get in touch with Fire and Security today.