Protect commercial & industrial buildings from fire with cutting-edge fire equipment from FSD.

Before you even begin to set fire protection equipment in place, it’s essential that you speak to a team of experts like those at Fire and Security Distributors (FSD).

This is to make sure that you have everything possible in place to protect your industrial and commercial building, from the inside out, in case of fire.

Due to its unpredictable nature, putting fire protection for your commercial building at the bottom of the list of must-haves is just not worth it.

Injury, loss of life, loss of assets and the financial ruin that can be caused by an unchecked fire has brought many a business to its knees, a position from which they’ve never recovered.

What an unnecessary way to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build!

The team at FSD has been in the fire and security industry since 2011, over 25 years’ worth of experience to share with customers who aren’t willing to compromise on fire protection in commercial buildings!

In order to limit all of these potential losses, FSD will do a full assessment of the fire protection systems already in place, as well as suggest any upgrades to fire equipment if necessary.

The detection and suppression of fires at point of origin forms the basis of excellent fire protection.

Fire protection equipment such as:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire detectors showing point of origin of a fire
  • Alarms that that give occupants of the building time to evacuate to safety, and
  • Fire suppression equipment are all essential components to a fully committed fire protection system for commercial buildings.

Buildings that require high quality fire protection equipment:

Office buildings

Office buildings are prone to fires due to the high rate of occupancy, with everyone going about their business without thought to the threat of fire.

Human error, such as using too many plugs off one extension, cigarette butts left unextinguished or heating that’s left on by accident all contribute to the threat of fire in an office building.

The majority of office buildings also have some form of cooking equipment on the premises.

Even if it’s just a kettle or microwave oven in every office, the chance of cooking fires is as high as that of cooking equipment in areas such as staff cafeterias with their large scale power requirements.

Industrial and production facilities:

Anyone with a warehouse or a manufacturing plant that contains large amounts of combustible materials has to have an excellent fire protection and suppression system in place.

We’ve seen more than enough lives lost and manufacturing plants destroyed completely by fire to ignore the importance of this.

Combustibles in warehouses and manufacturing plants include:

  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Gasses and flammable liquids
  • Fabrics
  • Electrical circuits
  • Combustible dust
  • Hot work and more.


Residential buildings:

As in office buildings, residential buildings are most at risk of cooking fires, electrical fires, heating, smoking and other combustibles, especially when it comes to furniture, curtains and other materials.

Without the right balance of active and passive fire protection, the threat to life and property is an important responsibility for any building owner.

Trust the protection of your building to the expertise offered by FSD!

The team at FSD is factory trained in all the fire protection products stocked by this leading National distributor of cutting-edge active and passive fire protection.

This means that, based on the advice and guidance of FSD, you’ll be ensuring that you have the right fire protection equipment and products in place as the best defence against fires.

FSD is the best fire protection company in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, so your building will be in trusted hands, for the highest level of active and passive fire protection!