Richard’s Bay Coal Terminal- Fire Curtain

IMG-20160320-WA0014In March of 2016 FSD supplied Nullifire B810, 120 minute fire rated curtain to provide a 2 hour fire and smoke rated separation for the new RBCT Analytical Laboratory at the Richard’s Bay Coal Terminal site.

After meetings with ‘Shabort Associates Architects’ and ‘Triocon Consulting Engineers’ it was decided that the Nullifire B810 fixed position fire curtain was the best solution to suit both site requirements and budget.

Nullifire B810 is a lightweight, flexible fire curtain which provides a barrier to smoke and flames. It consists of a specially coated glass fabric material. This is stretched between perimeter fixings and staple jointed for maximum effectiveness. B810 is suitable for 60 to 120 minutes fire resistance material, dependent on total drop length.

The B810 Fire Curtain was professionally installed by ‘Pyrocote CC’ KZN branch.




Purpose and usage of the B810 Fire Curtain includes:

-Subdividing ceilings

-Subdividing roof space

-Partitioning voids