The route to cutting edge fire detection systems starts at FSD Fire & Security Distributors!

The first thing any commercial building or business owner has to have in place in terms of fire protection is quality fire detection systems.  Without smoke and fire detection systems, any early warning of a fire is lost, and with it the time lost for anyone needing to evacuate.

This also means that there is less chance of nipping a fire in the bud if small enough, or in slowing it down enough to bring in the fire department to limit damage to the commercial building.

Compliance in terms of fire detection systems and products is a bottom-line regulation according to the Fire Protection Act, which ultimately ensures the safety of all occupants, as well as the structure – uncontrolled fires breaking out in one building can affect other buildings in the area, leading to further injury, loss of life and irretrievable damage to affected properties.

Fire detection products and systems assist to contain the spread of fire, as well as registering a point of origin, which will make fighting the fire at its source a lot easier.

FSD Fire & Security is the largest official distributor of cutting fire detection products from manufacturer UTC, in the form of Ziton fire detection and alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems, fire detection systems and smoke detection systems are all active fire protection systems, broken into three different categories, which are:

  1. Addressable Fire Detection;

Essentially, an addressable fire alarm system, and, at it’s very basics, gathers all the information from fire and smoke detectors, feeds it into a control panel, making it easy to pinpoint exactly where the fire has started.

  1. Conventional Fire Detection;

Although conventional fire detection systems have come a long way, they are not as able to detect anything but the area where a fire has broken out, but not exactly where its point of origin is, as in the case of addressable fire detection.  Conventional fire detection systems are definitely not going to be effective in a high rise building or in any large building, however, these systems are suitable for smaller premises.

  1. Specialised Fire Detection Systems;

Specialised fire detection systems take us right to the height in effective active fire detection! This is another area where technology has taken quantum leaps in the last decade or so, turning out systems like Ziton Wireless Detection and Aspirating Detection from Securiton.

These specialised fire detection systems are so highly advanced that dust, heat, smoke and exhaust fumes have no impact on the ability of these fire detection systems to locate the source of a fire accurately.

When in doubt, call in fire and security experts;

FSD has a factory-trained team backed by a combined thirty years’ worth of experience to share with you in terms of fire detection, fire suppression and fire-stopping systems, with an unrivalled reputation for customer service.

As distributors of active and passive fire protection systems to some of the biggest names in the industry throughout Southern Africa, you can be confident in trusting FSD to offer the best in fire protection for your commercial and industrial buildings!