SAB Chamdor Steel Intumescent

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.11.42 PMIn October of 2015 FSD was approached by ‘Sutherland Engineering Consultants’ to assist with the specification for  a new portion of the SAB Chamdor brewery where intumescent protection of structural steel was required.

This particular site and section of the brewery held some special considerations for the intumescent selected as it was a humid area and the ambient temperatures expected during production would be high. With this in mind the intumescent coating selected would have to not only provide the fire rating required but also be able withstand the high temperatures and humidity for many years to come.

With the assistance of Nullifire’s excellent technical support team the Nullifire S708 coating was selected. S708 is a robust intumescent coating designed for environments where standard water based intumescent coatings will fail due to environmental conditions. S708 is also an eco-friendly alternative to solvent based intumescent coatings while not sacrificing efficacy. During application and curing, it is low odour and solvent emission-free. S708 quickly dries to a smooth, robust, white finish that can be fully exposed to the environment for up to 6 months without a decorative top seal.

A 30 minute fire rating was required and Nullifire S708 intumescent paint was recommended and approved for site by the Fire Engineer, the client and the applicator. All loading calculations and supporting documentation including test and product certification were supplied by FSD prior to project approval. The S708 was professionally applied by ‘Dram Industrial Painters’. WFT’s (wet film thickness) were measured during application and post application DFT’s (dry film thickness) were measured with an electronic micron thickness measuring device to confirm correct loading thickness was applied to achieve the fire rating required. As the required DFT’s to achieve a 30 minute fire rating were relatively low the Nullifire S708 was applied via brush and top coat sealed.

FSD supply a complete range of passive firestopping products including intumescent coatings for steel and timber, fire rated mastic sealant and intumescent sealants, 2 hour fire rated mineral fibre batt board pre-coated withintumescent sealant, pipe wraps, pipe collars and much more.

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