Secure commercial buildings with the best in cutting-edge fire protection from FSD.

FSD Fire and Security is home to cutting-edge active and passive fire protection products to suit all commercial and industrial applications, from Cape Town to Ghana and Mauritius.

With clients that include some the fire industry’s biggest names, FSD has built a reputation for unrivalled service excellence based on their ability to form and maintain long term relationships with customers near or far.

The combination of 30 years’ worth of experience, in-depth product knowledge and a high-end range of active and passive fire protection products and solutions, ensures that FSD has an extensive A to Z list of customers who would turn nowhere else for expert fire protection guidance.

FSD offers product innovation on a grand scale, remaining on the cutting-edge of the latest industry developments, in order to offer customers the very latest in fire protection products and solutions.

This team supplies products from top manufacturers in the industry, such as Ziton and Nullifire, among others, always maintaining high levels of stock in order to retain their position as one of the largest distributors of active and passive fire protection products in Southern Africa.

Each commercial building or industrial building has a unique set of fire protection requirements that need to be met according to the high standards imposed by fire protection legislation, which is strictly enforced for obvious reasons.

A devastating fire in any commercial building in the middle of a busy commercial centre could start off a chain reaction of fires and devastation to the buildings close by; it’s bad enough watching your building go up in flames without being held liable for the damage to adjoining buildings!

The minimum of what the fire protection act really expects is that:

  • You provide a safe working environment for staff or residents in any commercial building.
  • You offer protection from fire for visitors, customers, shoppers or anyone else using your building. An example would be a shopping mall, where thousands of people need to be taken into consideration right from the construction phase.

On the plus side of quality active and passive fire protection systems, the resale value of your property is impacted by the level of fire protection already in place – buyers will call in fire inspectors to carry out a thorough fire protection assessment.  The results could well determine whether you sell the property or lose the buyer!

Another plus is you enjoy the benefits of a reduction in insurance premiums, although different insurance companies may have varying requirements with regard to the maintenance of properly installed active and passive fire systems, it is still an investment worth making.

There may never be a fire, but, what if there is?  No one wants to stand by and watch all their hard work burn to the ground, nor does any business owner want to be responsible for death or injury caused by a fire on their premises.

Protect your staff, your business and adjoining buildings by talking to the team at FSD; they have all been factory-trained on the range of active and passive fire protection products on offer in order to provide you with expert guidance.

Make the call today. Wherever you are, FSD will make sure that you’re able to make informed decisions about the fire protection products and solutions needed to protect life and property in the event of fire.