Black Mountain Copper Mine Substation Fire Supression

substation fire supressionIn April 2015 FSD was asked to provide a cost effective, approved and space sensitive solution to replace outdated and dangerous CO2 fire suppression installed in various substations and other high value areas within the Black Mountain Copper Mine facility. FSD gladly offered its certified S-Type Aerosol Fire Suppression generators as an Ozone friendly, green solution that was both easy to install, no pipe work, nozzles, pipe clamps or pipe manifolds required, and cost effective to implement on site.

Replacing the outdated CO2 systems in 5 substations only took 3 days, including the removal of all old pressure cylinders, pipe work and other equipment no longer necessary for proper system functionality.

The total space saving was vast. In a 273m3 substation 968.5kg of CO2 was replaced with 112kg of FSD S-Type Aerosol, as is clearly shown in the adjacent image.

FSD Aerosol Suppression Benefits:

-No pipe work / Non-pressurised / Easy to install / Cost effective

-0% Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

-0% Global Warming Potential (GWP)Aerosol Suppressors

-EPA listed as official Halon replacement

-No external storage space required, units installed into room protected

-No regular pressure testing required

-10 year operational product life

-Various international product approvals