3 Industries That Depend on Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression is the process of containing and annihilating a fire before it can cause severe damage. Advanced automatic fire suppression systems don’t need human contact to start working. Should there be a fire in progress, the system activates and starts putting out the fire. Many industries use these automatic suppression systems to prevent damage and ensure the safety of their employees.

Food Service

The food service industry includes various types of establishments such as catering facilities, restaurants and hotel kitchens. Kitchens typically offer limited space so what would happen if a fire broke out and employees had no way to exit the building?

The goal of installing a fire suppression system is to bring the fire under control for long enough so employees can get out and firefighters arrive. More often than not, this system is effective enough to prevent excessive damage and to limit human injury.


Owners of manufacturing plants understand the risks should a fire break out in any operational area. Losing all raw materials as a result of a fire would be detrimental. Additionally, if a fire were to break out in a warehouse, smoke and heat damage could render them useless.

While the loss of equipment, materials and finished goods is harsh, there’s also the human life to consider. If you install a proper fire suppression system, it will activate fast enough to restrain the fire and allow employees to exit. Most business owners take the protection of their employees very seriously which is why they choose to work with professional fire suppression companies like Fire and Security.

Health Care

Just think of the chaos should a fire break out in a hospital. Fire prevention and suppression would ensure fast containment so staff can quickly move patients to a safe area. In an assisted living facility or old age home, fire suppression systems could mean the difference of a resident being kept out of harm’s way or being trapped.

There are many more industries where fire safety and suppression could make a huge difference. If you’re a business owner, get in touch with Fire and Safety to explore the options for installing or upgrading your fire suppression system.