3 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Fire Protection System in Working Condition

As a business owner, it’s crucial to keep your business and employees safe. Which is why you need to keep your building’s fire protection system in working condition. Once your fire suppression system installation is completed, it will work every day to protect you from fire, but only if it’s maintained.


Below are three tips on how you can keep your fire protection system in proper working order to ensure optimal safety.


Don’t Modify Your Fire Protection System

Don’t allow any alterations if you want to keep your equipment in working condition. If you are doing renovations to your building, make sure they don’t paint your fire safety systems. Paint can damage smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and other safety systems resulting in them not working when you need them to.


Manage Your Building Temperature

Your building’s temperature plays a key role in keeping your fire safety systems in working order, especially the sprinkler systems. Summer isn’t really an issue but with the colder temperatures in winter, ensure all auxiliary drains are drained for dry type sprinkler systems. Should you neglect this step, you might end up with costly water damage.


Regularly Inspect Your Fire Protection System

The most crucial tip in keeping your business and employees safe from fire damage is to test and services your fire protection system on a regular basis. Many business owners neglect routine maintenance and end up paying the price when a fire breaks out. Even the best system will stop working properly if you let it go too long without proper maintenance, essentially leaving you and your employees unprotected.


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