3 Ways to Prevent Commercial Kitchen Fires

Commercial kitchens have made tremendous leaps in becoming more energy efficient in recent years. But with these changes and advancements improving restaurant productivity, restaurant safety has decreased. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a  major increase in commercial kitchen fires. And as you might already know, these types of fires are difficult to extinguish. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent kitchen fires. All you need is some common sense and the right fire detection and suppression system. Below are 3 ways to prevent commercial and restaurant kitchen fires.

Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

The easiest, yet arguably the most important thing you can do to for fire prevention. As it is, commercial kitchens are a breeding ground for fires with cardboard boxes and wooden pallets on the floor. Make sure to clear walkways of trash and keep flammable items far away from heating elements and open flames. Clean and empty grease traps regularly as well as the areas around grills and hoods since they pose a high risk of igniting when exposed to excessive heat or flames. Along with the above-mentioned tip, it is vital to clear exits and keep it that way at all times. This will allow an escape route in the event of a fire breaking out.

Be Careful Around Open Flames

This goes without saying but accidents do still happen due to carelessness.  The risk of open flames when a restaurant uses flambé cooking techniques or have candles on the tables are very high. And while we’re not implying that you use different cooking techniques or sacrifice your ambience by removing your candles, we are advising that your staff is properly trained for fire management.

Install a Fire Detection and Suppression System for Your Kitchen

Fire detection and suppression systems are highly beneficial in commercial kitchens. Since it is nearly impossible to put a kitchen fire out with water, we advise you to invest in a fire suppression system specifically designed for kitchens. These type of systems use chemical processes to put out fires and prevent them from flaring up again.

Along with the tips mentioned above, it is vital to have an effective fire safety plan to keep guests and employees safe at all times.

For more fire safety tips or if you want to install a kitchen Fire Detection and Suppression System, get in touch with FSD today!