7 Reasons To Use Aerosol Fire Suppressors As Part Of Your Fire Safety Solution

The one thing all business owners fear, rightfully, is that a fire should break out and destroy the entire office. Thankfully, there are precautions you can take to reduce the chances of a fire and even if one were to break out, there are steps you can take to contain them in a certain area until help arrives.

An efficient fire safety plan is multi-faceted and aerosol fire suppressors should be part of it. At Fire and security Distributors (FSD) we offer our clients the S-TYPE AEROSOL.

FSD S-Type Aerosol Benefits

  1. A single aerosol unit can protect an area of 0.60m3
  2. Zero maintenance required
  3. Will last for up to 10 years
  4. Easy to use with thermobulb activation
  5. Requires no wiring, pipework or nozzles
  6. Comes complete with bolts and mounting brackets
  7. Friendly to the environment

This product is certified and adhere’s to the following regulations:

  • Germanischer Lloyds – Approved for switchboards, electrical cabinets, offshore structures and on board ships
  • Approved for total protection against water immersion up to 1 metre
  • Approved as 100% eco-friendly technology with 0% Global Warming Potential and 0% Ozone Depletion Potential

Where to Use Your Aerosol Fire Suppressors

centreol fire suppressors aren’t meant to prevent fires. They help suppress fires to prevent it from spreading to other areas. The following areas are suggested:

MCC (Motor control center) rooms


Electrical cabinets

 Archives/Document storage rooms

Ceiling and floor voids

Storage rooms

This product is perfect for any closed area that might need fire suppression.

Now that you know why you need to add Aerosol Fire Suppressors to your fire safety solution, you need to find a quality and affordable supplier. Founded 8 years ago, FSD has all the experience, skills and knowledge needed to keep your business safe from fire damage.

We are passionate about fire safety and can offer you advice on which fire safety solution to choose for your unique business needs. For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the team today!