Aspirating smoke detectors

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Early Fire Detection Warehouses

Aspirating smoke detectors are among the most precise and most reliable early warning systems against fires.Securiton offers a complete range of models that makes the lighting-fast detection both scalable and cost-effective for any monitoring area.The Securiton ASD smoke detector series impresses by its unrivalled capabilities, the detectors are particularly reliable and robust. Thanks to their sophisticated detection technology, they can detect incipient fires immediately. Whether in IT racks, production halls or large deepfreeze areas, ASD has the perfect fire protection solution for all safety requirements.

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A combination of sensitivity and speed.

In terms of smoke concentration, the alarm sensitivity of the HD (high-dynamic) smoke sensor ranges from 0.002%/m to 10%/m. This is equivalent to the sensitivity spectrum of a laser-based detector. In the extra-large LVSC (large-volume smoke chamber), the sensor permanently analyses the airflow with a high-power LED using tried-and-tested scattered light technology. It meticulously detects even the slightest increases in smoke concentration.

SecuriRAS ASD – because performance counts:
• Split-second, highly sensitive reaction to incipient fires
• Lightning-fast fire detection and alarm response
• Simple handling
• Three different models for scalable, cost-effective operation
• Monitoring areas ranging from single facilities up to areas measuring 5760 m2 • Developed in Switzerland, made in Germany
• Robust and with a very long service life

SecuriRAS ASD – because sensitivity counts:

• Alarm sensitivity from 0.002%/m (measurement resolution < 0.001%/m)
• Scattered light technology with high-power LED
• As sensitive as a laser – but with a longer service life and a greater temperature range • Up to five alarm levels for environment-based detection
• Maximum protection against false alarms

ASD 535 – perfect for large-scale applications (Warehouse)

The ASD 535 is the flagship model of the SecuriRAS ASD detector range. It can monitor an area of up to 5760 square metres. Available as a single-sensor and two-sensor device, the detector analyses the airflow from one or two sampling pipes’ independently. Up to 400 metres of sampling pipe with a maximum of 120 sampling holes can be connected to each smoke sensor

Frosty conditions?

The SecuriRAS ASD 535 won’t even sneeze. Hot conditions? No sweat – the ASD 535
carries on working without complaining. These robust aspirating smoke detectors can be deployed at temperatures ranging between – 30 °C and + 60 °C – retaining their full functionality always. In deep-freeze applications, the evaluation unit is installed directly in the deep-freeze area and the sampling holes are heated automatically when needed to prevent them from freezing


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