Why choose FSD for the best fire protection equipment and products in Southern Africa.

When putting fire protection measures in place in any commercial building, it’s essential to deal with a company that knows the products they supply inside out, to ensure maximum protection.

Why FSD?

Here are a few of the main reasons that make FSD the best fire protection company and fire equipment supplier in South Africa.

25 + years’ worth of experience in the industry:

FSD has come a long way since first opening their doors in 2011, but it’s not just this period of time that’s earned this team the experience they offer.

Each member of the team has individually been involved in the industry for many years, offering a combined expertise that’s rarely found in a major supplier like this, in such an essential industry.

Service that reaches across borders:

FSD isn’t just the best supplier of fire equipment in South Africa, their reach extends far beyond South African borders into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Customers as far as Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Botswana, Namibia and Mauritius have trusted this team to deliver what’s ordered, on time, every time, no matter how far away.

Consistently high stock levels:

In order to provide service excellence to customers across Southern Africa, FSD makes sure to maintain high stock levels in a deliberate move to deliver orders quickly and efficiently.

Cutting-edge fire protection products:

Specialised service is what you can rely on with the team at FSD when it comes to innovative Active and Passive Fire Protection Products.

Among these are products and equipment manufactured by UTC, Ziton, Nullifire, Envirograf and Securiton, to name just a few.

To round off cutting-edge products is the fact that the team at FSD has had many years’ worth of experience in programming Ziton panels, offering customers the security they deserve should a fire break out.

Outstanding support:

Because the staff at FSD have all undergone the best factory training on all the products supplied, you can rely on outstanding advice and technical support from the word go.

There’s no beating around the bush with FSD when it comes to providing customers with the fastest, most efficient and reliable service in the industry.

Trusted referrals from loyal customers:

As a result of the ties forged between FSD and customers throughout Southern Africa, most new customers come to FSD on the strength of superb 3rd party referrals.

This is the only way that this team could’ve maintained the standard that’s made them the best fire protection company and fire equipment supplier right across Sub-Saharan Africa!

These are just a few of the good reasons customers choose FSD for the best in fire protection equipment and products in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

The team at FSD is fully customer oriented, with no exceptions. It’s the friendly service customers expect and have come to appreciate that’s made FSD a market leader in the fire protection industry today.

The importance of fire protection for commercial business can’t be stressed enough, which is why you can expect the team at FSD to go above and beyond what’s called for in order to offer you the best in fire protection in South Africa!

Give FSD a call today to make sure you have the security of products and equipment that’ll do what they’re supposed to, when you need it most!