Choosing The Right Fire Suppression System For Your Business

Fire sprinklers are one of the most common types of fire protection systems for office buildings. They are extremely efficient in suppressing fire, no matter the size. However, in some instances, water can do more harm than good for example in server rooms, data centres, power plants, museums and telecommunication sites, to name a few. In these environments, business owners turn to fire suppression systems that release gas instead of water to suppress the fire and minimise damage to electronics.

Room Flooding Fire Suppression Solutions from FSD

FSD can provide your business with the following gas fire suppression systems:

  1. Fire Suppression Standing Aerosol Unit

For use in libraries, transformer rooms and stock rooms, this product can suppress the fire in the room upon activation once the fire alarm goes off. An affordable alternative to costly gas suppression systems, the objective is complete flooding in a room. Models include a 5L (covers 35sqm) and an 8L (covers 57sqm).

  1. Aerosol Fire Suppression Generators

With a shelf life of 10 years and a reputation for being extremely friendly to the environment, aerosol fire suppression generators are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. This non-conductive, non-corrosive product can be used to protect against class A, B, C and F fire risks and is completely safe for humans and animals.

What Are the Best Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems?

There are many different elements that determine the best clean agent fire suppression solution and it will depend on your unique needs. Both these products can suppress fires but offer different benefits.

While one solution may be more affordable than another, it might be less environmentally friendly. Some systems may require more storage space while others can be stored further away from the protected space.

To determine the best fire suppression system for your business, get in touch with the team at FSD. With our extensive experience and knowledge of fire protection solutions, we can help choose the system that will best protect your assets. Give us a call for a free quote today!