Fire Protection Systems: How Fire Curtains Work

The typical person on the street doesn’t need to be knowledgable about fire safety or fire protection systems. But if you own or manage a business or property, or you fill the position of fire safety officer, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about fire safety.


Fire curtains are manufactured from flame-retardant material that prevents fires from spreading past them for up to two hours. By reducing the spread of a fire, it gives employees enough time to exit the building and the fire department to get to your premises and get the fire under control.


Fire Curtain Installation: Where Should They Be Installed?


It is vital that you choose the right place for your fire curtain installation. If installed correctly, you can save the lives of your employees as well as thousands of rands on potential fire damage. If not, it will be a worthless investment.


Typically, fire curtains are installed in close proximity to potential fire hazards to limit its ability to spread. Any area with a lot of paper, like a printing room, would be a fire risk since paper is known to fuel fires caused by faulty electrical appliances such as scanners or printers. Installing a fire curtain in near a printer room will limit the fire to that specific area.


Another option would be to install a fire curtain in an area with a high concentration of employees like an open office or warehouse that holds valuable company assets. In a warehouse, you can install a fire curtain around or close to your most expensive stock to minimise the financial repercussions of fire damage.


Fire curtains offer significant protection to any business. For more information on fire protection systems for your business, or if you would like to book a free consultation, get in touch with FSD today!