How Fire Retardant Paint Can Protect Your Business

Commercial and industrial property fires put any type of business at risk, from office blocks to manufacturing plants. The majority of these fires could have been avoided or at least contained if the necessary fire protection system were installed. A fire and safety prevention solution that is effective typically consists of three elements:  Fire detection, fire control and fire extinguishing.


It is vital for commercial buildings to have fire and smoke alarms installed throughout the premises. All too often these types of alarms are neglected as part of a maintenance plan. But in order to be regulation compliant and to potentially save lives, fire and smoke alarms are needed. Another vital element of fire protection is to apply an intumescent paint coating.


This paint offers a lot more than mere decoration, it offers viable protection. Lasting up to 10 years, a properly coated surface will instantaneously start to expand into a foam at the first sign of a fire. By offering a protective blanket, the foam will shield and insulate anything that’s underneath to limit or delay contact with the flames. It even suppresses the smoke.


This foam delays the ignition of anything the flames get in contacts with like ceilings, roof and walls. This delay can be anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour, depending on the intensity of the fire. It will give employees and visitors enough time to exit the building and reach safety.


The benefits of an intumescent coating don’t stop there. Charred foam can be scraped off as soon as the fire is extinguished, making repainting less costly. An intumescent coating doesn’t just make sense when it comes to containing a fire, it makes financial sense too.


At FSD, we offer intumescent coatings to take your fire protection solution to the next level. For more information about intumescent paint cost per square foot get in touch with the team at FSD today!