Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance: Everything You Should Know

Fires cost South African businesses millions of rands annually. Business owners that provide jobs and manufactured goods in the national economy suffer tremendous losses due to fire, thus, emphasising the critical need for proper prevention and protection against the risk of fires.

Keeping the fire protection system in working condition should be high up on the priority list for every business owner or building manager. This can be achieved with regular inspection by a professional fire protection company to ensure that they work effectively in case of an emergency. Below are some safety care tips for your fire sprinklers from the experts.

There are some things to do (and shouldn’t do) when it comes to your fire sprinklers:


  • Cover or obstruct your fire sprinklers.
  • Paint the fire sprinkler heads.
  • Use sprinkler heads to hang ornaments.
  • Neglect to report damaged or broken sprinkler heads.


  • Evaluate your sprinkler system for a potential upgrade.
  • Test your sprinkler system bi-monthly. You can do this by listening for the alarm when opening the test valve.
  • Determine your sprinkler shutoff valve location.
  • Make sure your sprinkler control valve remains open.
  • Schedule quarterly fire sprinkler inspections with a professional.


It is advisable to inspect your fire sprinkler system at least once per quarter to ensure it stays in working condition. Additionally, you might want to inspect and test them after building renovations or when experiencing changes in your water supply. Another reason to check that your sprinkler system is working is when changing or adding a new water meter or backflow preventer.


Every fire sprinkler system consists of components that require replacement or maintenance at various intervals. If your fire protection system is in need of repairs or an upgrade, it’s best to get in touch with a professional with the necessary industry experience. To book a consultation with FSD, get in touch with the team today!