Fire Systems Design & Engineering Conference



BusinessdevelopmentmanagerFire and Security Distributors is pleased to announce that Business Development Manager, Corne White, will be speaking at this years ‘Fire System and Design Engineering’ conference held in Cape Town from the 5th-6th of April 2016.

The conference, which will be held at Southern Sun Cullinan in Cape Town, will attempt to address some of the South African industries most complex fire and security practices. This years theme, presented by Milla SA, will focus on ‘Fire Disaster Management and Protection Technologies” and will aim to look at best practices on both a national and international level focusing on regulation and technological invocation.

White looks forward to the opportunity to speak as an industry expert in April. He will be addressing the issue of effective passive firestopping as well asking the question: Does having a 2 hour fire rated product mean you have a 2 hour rated penetration seal? Furthermore he aims to touch on intumescent coatings for structural steel and how they work in the broader sense.

Conference director, Mr Mlambo, hopes for the 2 day conference to answer important questions around fire and prevention with an emphasis on performance standards and testing. Mr Malambo aims to,“Discuss the nature of fires, and its causes, characteristics, and effects on people, products, structures, and the environment”, all while still focusing on testing and maintenance of all fire systems types. Organizers of the conference, Milla SA, ambitiously aims to create an information sharing forum that will aid and tackle issues of economic loss and even of human suffering due to incorrect policy decisions. Mr Mlambo comments that,“The threat to people, property, and economic activity is neither well understood nor fully appreciated by policy makers and the public at large”. It is at this year’s conference that these key issues of concern will be discussed and addressed.

White looks forward to listening and engaging with a number of other industry expert speakers. “I am looking forward to Richard Walls talk in particular. He is a Professional Engineer from Stellenbosch University. Richard and I have done presentations on protection of structural steel together in the past and his knowledge on both local and international requirements is excellent. Richard will add great value to the day.” 

For further information and to register to attend, please visit Milla SA.