How Long Should A Fire Protection System Last?

Not all fire protection systems are created equal. Some will last longer than others and it mostly depends on the quality of the system you install in your building. Fire detection and suppression systems are no place to cut corners. The safety of your employees is more important than saving a few rands.


If you’ve invested in a quality fire protection system, it’s vital to perform a thorough inspection regularly to ensure that it operates optimally. It’s advisable to use a reputable contractor that specialises in industrial fire and safety services for the inspections.


Factors That Contribute to the Lifespan of Your Fire Protection System


One of the biggest contributors to the life expectancy of your fire protection system is the environment. If your system is installed in a protected environment, chances are it will last many years. But, if it’s installed in a space with lots of dirt and dust, it will have a shorter lifespan.


Another contributor to the life expectancy of your system is the total amount of hours of operation. Operation for extended periods of time may cause damage to components like discharge tubes found in visual alarms and bells. Damage can be anything from weak light brightness to reduced sound volume.


So, How Long Can I Expect My Fire Protection System to Last?


Due to its complex nature, it’s difficult to determine exactly how long it will last. But as a rule of thumb, a quality system should probably be replaced every 10 years. As we’ve mentioned before, regular maintenance is required to keep your system in good shape.


Fire protection systems are intended to save the lives of your employees and to minimise the damage should a fire break out. To ensure that it works efficiently, don’t delay an upgrade and never neglect maintenance.

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