Duncan Courts Intumescent Coating Solution

FSD was approached in April 2015 to supply an intumescent coating solution for the structural supporting steel columns at the ‘Duncan Courts Luxury Apartments’ in Pretoria.

A 2 hour fire rating was required and Nullifire S707-120 2 hour rated intumescent paint was recommended and approved for the site by the Fire Engineer, the client and the applicator. All loading calculations and supporting documentation including test and product certification were supplied by FSD prior to project approval.

A required loading of 2.207mm WFT was calculated for these special sections (concrete backed steelwork) and professionally applied by ‘Active Fire Projects’ based out of Gauteng. All WFT’s on site were measured during application and verified after application using an Elcometer 456 Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge.

The Nullifire S707-120 was applied as per recommended method by airless spray in order to provide a smooth finish and then top coat sealed. FSD supplies a complete range of passive firestopping products including intumescent coatings for steel and timber, fire rated mastic sealant and intumescent sealants, 2 hour fire rated mineral fibre batt board pre-coated with intumescent sealant, pipe wraps, pipe collars and much more.

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