Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System for BBH Hotel

Background: Whip Fire was awarded the fire protection for an entire hotel complex and required a fire suppression solution for the hotel kitchen cooking area.

Challenges: A survey was completed on the hotel complex by Whip Fire. It was found that the hotel kitchen would need a kitchen hood suppression system. Whip Fire recently added Defender kitchen suppression system to their portfolio and quoted the customer on two D12 suppression systems.

How the Product Helped: The Defender System ticked all the boxes, when it came to price, cost of ownership and down-time of maintenance. Defender helped lower the risk of injury, loss of life and property to the Hotel by installing a Defender kitchen suppression systems.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans: The end result was a complete success from start to finish. Whip Fire staff did undergo training for the Defender unit which came very handy through the installation and commissioning stage. Whip Fire is in the process of sending additional staff for Defender product training.


“The support we received from FSD was fantastic. From the start until completion we could rely on the team. The Defender system is now part of the product offering to our customers.” Charl Van Graan, Head of Detection Whip Fire.

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