Kitchen Suppression System for Protea Hotel Wanderers

FSD has recently supplied Elcon Gas with their Defender Kitchen Suppression System which was installed at Protea Hotel Wanderers, which is the first of our roll-out project of 140 properties.

The defender system is installed inside the hood of the canopy. In case of a fire fuse-links fitted on the inside of the canopy melt away and trigger the activation unit leading to the cylinder which is compressed and filled with a special wet chemical to put out the fire. You have the option of manually activating the system too, by means of pulling the manual activation lever.

Hotels do have a responsibility and compliance duty to protect their customers and at the same time make sure that any installations don’t interrupt the running of the hotel and ensure that inconvenience to guests is kept to a minimum. Regarding international compliance, a LPCB certificate is required.

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