M-Type Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

  • For All Your Industrial Kitchens

    • Fast Detection

    • LPCB Certified

    • Extended Coverage

    • Competitive


    With a wider nozzle coverage less pipework is needed. Detection pipework is also less, reducing installation time.


    As a result:

    Defender offers low labour and piping cost due to wider nozzle protection area.

    Defender offers competitive solution with small sized cylinders after low flow points.


    Defender can be checked easily by a pressure gauge. FSD has trained and accredited network of installers no matter where you are.
    Defender can be pressurized with only 12 bar nitrogen after each discharge and Fire Eraser liquid (potassium carbonate based). No expensive cartridges or long standing times.

    Working Principles of FSD Defender Kitchen Suppression Systems:

    Fusible link melts due to fire and heat at set temp, releasing the tension and activating the systems. (Systems can also be activated manually via a remote pull station)

    Nozzles release FIRE ERASER liquid into extraction ducts and protected cooking area and fire is suppressed.

    The activation mechanism shuts off electric, gas and fans stopping the spread of fire.

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