P-Type Kitchen Fire Suppression

P-Type Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

  • ​This system is designed for small low heat kitchens, making it cost effective for small kitchen fire protection. This system uses a pneumatic tube for detection instead of fusible links. The tube is filled with nitrogen and once it melts due to fire or heat it activates the system and the fire is suppressed.
    With this system, FSD can now cater to all kitchen sizes and to all budgets.


    • Can be installed in large or small hoods by 8 flow and 16 flow models
    • Two systems can be linked.
    • Flow point capacity can be increased up to 32 flow points.
    • Wider area suppression
    • Non-clogging nozzles
    • Precision detection easy to use and install
    • Easy to maintain and service
    • Genuine spare parts from stock with affordable prices
    • Simplified hydraulic calculation
    • One type of suppression piping installation
    • Suitable for small, low heat kitchens
  • 6 Lt, 9, 5 Lt and 20 Lt Capacity cylinders
    12 bar low-pressure cylinders
    30° – 60° – 90° angle full cone nozzles
    Automatic and manual activation is standard
    Between 120°C – 130°C heat detection options

    Order Details:

    DP 4 : 4 flows point fire suppression
    DP 8 : 8 flows point fire suppression system
    DP 16 : 16 flows point fire suppression system

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