Room Flooding Fire Suppression- FSD Aerosol Fire Suppression Generators

  • FSD aerosol fire suppression generators are environmentally friendly, have a 10 year product shelf life, are constructed from high grade stainless steel and can be used for protection of class A, B, C and F fire risks.

  • All FSD aerosol fire suppression generators have been designed in accordance with the guidelines of the following norms:

    • European norms: CEN TR CEN/TR 15276-1:2009 (E)

    • US norms: UL 2775 and NFPA 2010

    • International Waters: IMO 1270

    • International Transport: ADR FSD aerosol features include:

      • 0 year shelf life / environmentally friendly / safe for humans and animals / non-corrosive and non-conductive / compact to install, no pipe work required and no external storage room required / non-pressurised, no pressure testing required / 0% ozone depletion potential (ODP) / 0% global warming potential (GWP) / extremely cost effective / CE marked / Various international approvals.