ATS8600 Advisor Management Software Starter Edition

  • Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of business functions, which all need to be managed taking safety and security of the staff, visitors and physical assets as a priority. There are numerous factors driving complexity: multiple sites, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as evolving needs. Therefore only an integrated management solution is able to cope with this evolution, providing facility and security managers with a clear view and control over these different functions.

    The ATS8600 is an Integrated Security Management software for Intrusion, Access control, Video and Fire. For Fire panels, currently only ZP2 (Ziton protocol), 2X (Aritech protocol), Series FP1200 (Aritech protocol) and Series 2000 (Aritech protocol) are supported. With the ATS8600, one can monitor Intrusion, Access Control, Video and Fire. All with the same computer software.

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