Ziton ZPR868 868 MHz, Multi-channel, Bi-directional Radio Loop Module

  • ZPR868 Ziton 868 MHz, Multi-channel, Bi-directional Radio Loop Module – The ZPR868 is a Ziton protocol, radio loop module for interfacing a zone of wireless 868 MHz Ziton fire alarm devices into a ZP fire alarm system. It enables these wireless devices to be controlled directly from the ZP hardwired loop, and provides a seamless interface between the hardwired components and the wireless devices.

    More customers are demanding faster installation and less disruption. Buildings are becoming more complex with a variety of new materials, making standard hard wire installation more complex. Fire systems are invariably one of the last services to be added, with in many instances limited time and infrastructure available. Retrofits can be made much simpler with fast and non-disruptive additions installed wireless. Access problems overcome and Fire compartment issues avoided. With a Ziton Hybrid solution it is easy to meet market demands.

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