Ziton Addressable Fire Control Panels(ZP3 & ZP2)


The Ziton 2X-FX is compatible with 2000 series devices from new. By buying a 2010-2-PAK-900, the protocol can be changed to support 900 series devices.

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Standard features of the ZP2-F2 include: > 2 loops expandable to 4 with up to 256 zones > Up to 40 LED Zone indicators for Fire and Fault with ample text space > Auto configuration and default EN54 setup modes > Ethernet port with TCP/IP for remote maintenance and programming > EN54 compliant graphical LCD with icons and symbols for easy recognition of events > Jog Dial with 4 soft buttons for simple and intuitive user control > Aesthetically pleasing design with special paintable synthetic door > Easy removable door and chassis for quick and clean installation > All pluggable connectors > 3 USB ports with memory stick support and RS232 for printer support > Email notification for events directly from the panel (4 user accounts) > Auxiliary 24VDC supply output with reset support > 3 operator level menu structure with username and password > History log memory for 9999 events > Up to 72 hours standby time and 30 minutes alarm > Compatible with the Ziton loop powered sounders/beacons and base sounders and Ziton series detectors

ZP2-F2 Addressable Panel

Fire Panel


ZP2-F1-S-xx datasheet-emea

Large Fire Panel

ZP2-F2 ZP2-F2-xx

ZP2-LB Loop Board Installation Sheet (Multilingual)


Fire Panels

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