How to Protect Your Restaurant from Fire Damage

All restaurants, no matter the size, have to comply with fire code to keep their doors open. They have to maintain fire safety by cleaning airborne grease particles that build up in the hood. As a restaurant owner, you have a liability to protect the safety of customers and employees. You may be seen as liable for injuries or death if a fire could have been prevented. Which is why you need to install a fire protection system that will keep everyone safe.


Leaving your restaurant kitchen hood dirty can drastically increase the risk of a fire breaking out. In fact, there isn’t a more likely place for a fire to break out than a restaurant kitchen. To avoid this, we recommend that your kitchen hoods are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure no grease is left behind. Grease is highly flammable and can quickly catch fire if there is a buildup inside the hood.


The best way to protect your restaurant kitchen is by installing a fire suppression system over the cooking equipment. FSD will install and maintain the proper fire suppression and detection system to prevent fire damage in your restaurant.


Additionally, you need to teach your staff what to do in the event of a fire. FSD offers active & passive fire protection training in their training centre in Cape Town.


Despite the increased risks of fires in restaurant kitchens, being aware of the biggest fire hazards, such as grease traps, open flames, storage of flammable materials and unclean areas, can help prevent a fire from happening.


If you are a restaurant or cafe owner, it’s vital that you call on the experts of fire safety. Don’t leave the safety of your staff, your customers, and your restaurant to chance – get in touch with FSD today!