Stop A Fire In Its Tracks [With A Fire Curtain Wall]

The damage that can be caused by a fire is incomprehensible. And it’s not just the flames that destroy, but the smoke will do its part to wreak havoc as well. Preventative measures can be taken to stop a fire from spreading. The best way to contain a fire to a specific area is with fire curtains.

A fire curtain is an important technology advancement created to help ensure the safety of building occupants in the event of a fire. Made from a robust yet lightweight material, fire curtains are stored in your roof and can automatically drop from your ceiling should a fire break out.

What Are Fire Curtains Made Of?

We’ve already acknowledged that the material is lightweight but durable, but what exactly are fire curtains made of, you might ask? Non-asbestos, high temperature coated and woven fibreglass material to ensure extreme flexibility and compactness.

Who Could Benefit from Fire Curtains?

Many types of businesses could find fire curtains to be advantageous to their fire protection system but our top 5 are as follows:


Schools are typically filled with more people than other premises and school-aged children might not react in a mature way should a fire break out. Thus, fire curtains that can restrict the fire in a certain area until the evacuation is completed should be considered.


A restaurant kitchen is a massive fire hazard. One wrong move and fire can ignite. Paired with the alcohol content in the bar, it’s vital to contain a fire to a specific area, should it break out.

Hospitals & Care Facilities

Similar to schools, hospitals host a lot of people. Added to that, these people are unwell and frail. If a fire were to break out, it would take a while to get them to safety. Fire curtains are a necessity for any hospital.


While there aren’t nearly as many people in warehouses as the others mentioned above, the financial stakes are really high. By placing fire curtains throughout the perimeter, you can easily protect your assets.

Auto Drop Down Fire Curtain from FSD

FSD offers high-quality automatic fire curtains with a 120-minute integrity rate and certified to British standards. With 8 years of experience, extensive knowledge of the fire protection industry and many satisfied clients to show for it, we can offer you an affordable fire protection solution unique to your business needs. For more information, give us a call today!