What’s The Best Fire Safety Solution For Server Rooms?

One of the most valuable and expensive areas of any business are server rooms. With the advancements in technology, we become more reliant on computers and servers, making any company’s IT infrastructure essential. Your server room holds all your business data and information, making it irreplaceable should a fire occur. This would be a great loss for your business. Which is why you need to take the necessary steps to protect your business, especially your server room, against fire damage.

Server Room Fires: Common Causes

  • IT equipment electrical failure
  • Overheated electronics
  • Subfloor wiring damage or failure
  • Fires that start in other areas of the building

Most businesses can’t afford the business downtime and loss of data as a result of a computer room fire. Here are 5 fire prevention tips to protect your server room.

Hire a Professional for Fire Risk Assessment

Hiring a professional like FSD who are familiar with fire and safety regulations to do a risk assessment will allow you to make an informed decision when investing in fire safety equipment. A thorough assessment, even in the design process, can help to minimise risk as well as expenses.

Install a Room Flooding Fire Suppression System

In server rooms, water might do more damage than the fire itself. Room flooding, being gas-based rather than water-based, will limit damage to computer equipment and require nearly any clean up afterwards.

Keep Server Rooms Clean and Maintain IT Equipment

Having a clean server room is more than just organisation. It also helps to prevent fires. Don’t use your computer room as a storage closet and make sure you keep your IT equipment in good condition.

Keep Your IT Room Cool

To prevent your equipment from overheating and creating a fire hazard, you need to keep the temperature in your server room low. Make sure you install proper cooling equipment and maintain it to prevent malfunction.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are vital to keeping server room equipment in good condition and ultimately preventing a fire. To verify that your room is compliant, schedule an inspection with professionals like FSD.

The best fire protection system for server rooms is hands down Aerosol Fire Suppression Generators offered by FSD. For more information or to book an inspection, give us a call today.